Edizioni Settecolori

Brand Identity, Editorial Design, Print, Publishing

The rebranding of the editorial image for Edizioni Settecolori Srl focused on bridging the gap between the publisher’s past image and the desire to move forward into the future, given the new ownership that has revitalized the brand. The project involved the design of a new logo and book covers based on a principle where the always-black frame varies in thickness depending on the spine of the book. The thicker the spine of the book, the thicker the frame on the cover becomes. This decorative element thus becomes dynamic and essential for cover recognition. Each volume features a specific color background with the black frame and an overlying band with a different color that complements the cover color.

→ Milan, 2022

Edizioni Settecolori Srl is a Milan-based publisher consisting of a group of passionate partners who collaborate in the development of a high-quality literary catalog.