Folletti Colavolpe

Packaging Design, Print

Eremo has created the redesign of a three confection line of aromatised praline figs, the flavours being coffee, ‘Strega’ liquor, and rum.
Each box has been reinterpreted to figure a lady’s face which becomes a metaphor for the particular aroma. On each side of each box there is a different decorative pattern based on a reinterpretation of antique Greek and Byzantine motifs to be found in Calabria itself. In this way the desire is to tell three different stories but stories which share a common thread.
The packaging is further heightened by a different metallic colour for each box and so giving a delicate and soft lighting to each.

→ , 2014

Colavolpe is a small artisan company in Calabria which produces a high quality variety of figs. Its products are much appreciated in Italy and all over the world for their quality and distinctive and historical packaging.