Maison de Parquet

Brand Identity, Print

Eremo has been responsible for the brand creation, the press releases, the concept and interior design.
Dina is a story in its own right, of experience, of taste and of a tale to tell. Each room has been conceived in terms of a unique ambience and where diverse experiences can be lived.
The communication and branding project is based on dedication to grandmother Dina, on the concept of home and on the strong and distinctive narrative sense of Alberto Gipponi, he proposing every dish as a story to be told and an experience to be lived.
The concept of home as related to the memory of grandmother Dina is interpreted via the use of the cypress pink colour and serves as a contrast with the other two corporate colours of egg yellow and warm blue, these vibrant colours which together with the cypress pink represent shades of masculinity and femininity as in the chef’s cuisine itself.

→ , 2017

Dina is the new restaurant of Alberto Gipponi in Gussago (province of Brescia) in the heart of Franciacorta, the area of production of the famous sparkling wine which carries its name. Each of Alberto Gipponi’s dishes is a celebration of a part of his life and the manner in which he interprets it.